Careers at Filestack

Our Vision & Values

Software is eating the world. We all know that. We build amazing software that helps others build amazing software. And we’re having a lot of fun along the way. Here are some of the attributes we’re looking for in future Filestackers:

  • Passion to build something great
  • Love helping customers
  • Work ethic with flexibility as a trade
  • Always be learning
  • Zero tolerance for politics or BS
  • Not afraid to roll up your sleeves

Perks of Joining Our Team

We’re building software-as-a service to help developers manage the exponentially growing number of images, videos, and documents on web and mobile. This is an explosive category, really important work, and we need lots of help!

  • Awesome Product

    We are building real products with amazing support.

  • Autonomy With Accountability

    We want to leave you alone as long as you get your work done.

  • Coworking With Other Teams

    We office with several other Scaleworks teams.

  • Fast Growing Industry

    SaaS for developers is a rapidly expanding category.

  • Winning But Casual Culture

    We think we can win without building a boiler room.

  • Emerging Tech Communities

    San Antonio and Kraków are growing fast!

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