Filestack FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

I signed up and uploaded some contents with the aim of copying the links and syncing with my website, but all the contents I uploaded I can't seem to find anywhere. How do I access all the audio files I uploaded on Filestack?

Filestack does not directly provide a list of uploaded files, so you would store each file's URL in your local database. In order to do that, you should log Filestack´s response to the console and capture it there. Here's a video to get you started:

I am trying to reach my account, but the verification mail doesn't show up in my Outlook. Can you please check what is wrong?
I can't see the preview of my uploaded file.
I would like to change my bank card to pay. What is the process?
I'm trying to sign up on your platform, but it always says the captcha is invalid. Is there another way to sign up?
Our filestack account has stopped working in production with the error "{"error":"application is blocked"}" Can you help me track this down?
What kind of storage platforms do you support?
I'm trying to sign up, but I cannot proceed past the signup form - it always says Captcha is not valid, but there's no captcha on the page/screen.