The Low Code Content API Platform

Dramatically accelerate development. Filestack is the low code platform to build automated content processing and analysis faster, with higher quality, and at less cost - all delivered through one easy line of code.

Filestack Workflows

A Simpler, Smarter Way to Create Complex Content Processing Applications

  • 10-20x Faster - Save time and achieve weeks of work in just hours

  • Make changes quickly, automate, and push to production on the fly

  • Launch better, faster, and with fewer technical resources

Now you don't have to choose between speed, cost, and quality

Increase productivity and improve how you build, deploy, and manage content workflows by simplifying and streamlining development through a simple to use low code UI.

The diagram showing how it works

  • "We were just able to drop in javascript and run it…it was super fast"

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  • "Filestack has it right in terms of visual design and underlying architecture of API. The UI of the dialog is great, just having that really clean, simple interface makes such a difference for our customers."

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  • "Using Filestack takes a shorter amount of time than normal for an MVP feature. It’s a complete feature set."

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For Developers

Fast, visual low code development to quickly build and deploy complex programming that stands out while evolving with the changing needs of the business to drive future innovation.

Prepare A File API and you’ll suddenly have much more time in your hands.

Spend more time working on the interesting stuff. Quickly prototype, build and edit your solution on the fly. Ship and deploy instantly. Easily update and change in seconds.

Don't waste time writing what already exists and coding line-by-line. Additional features and functionality are no longer a time and resources trade off. Filestack’s advanced functionality includes many nice-to-haves that you wouldn't normally have the time to write - simply point, click, drag and drop into your workflow.

For Leaders

Leaders responsible for applications and products can optimize and transform operations through Filestack’s low-code platform. Bridge the gap between business demands and IT resources. Accelerate development while delivering high levels of flexibility, efficiency, and scalability.

Empower developers and business teams to collaborate and innovate while increasing developer productivity. Prototype and deploy new ideas quickly and securely, and get to market sooner. Launch innovative future-proof solutions faster with full control. Implement changes extremely fast and make adjustments on the fly without increasing technical debt.

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Accelerate innovation through reusable components

Combine low code simplicity with an enterprise-grade content API platform. Powerful, flexible, and efficient - Filestack's simple to use UI means you can adjust or duplicate your workflows with little development work involved.

Ed Tech

Focus on the experience while Filestack takes care of the files. With no coding required, it's easy to create a document workflow and scan every assignment for viruses, quarantine it until it can be reviewed, and alert the sender of the issue so that no assignment is late.

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Instantly Transform, Convert, and Optimize Any File or Image

  • Resize Images

    Resize Images

  • Adjust Filesize & Qantity

    Adjust Filesize & Qantity

  • Convert Between File Types

    Convert Between File Types

  • Apply Filters & Effects

    Apply Filters & Effects

Dating Apps

Chain together tasks in our simple UI to exclude explicit content from you dating site or app. Filestack simplifies the process by scanning every image on upload. Set rules for handling content containing nudity or violence and decide how to transform and deliver.

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  • Low-Code Platform

    We've coded in all the logic so you don't have to. Immediate access to all the features you need.

  • Elegant simplicity

    Easy to use logic building blocks to get to solutions out the door more quickly.

  • Changes applied automatically

    Make modifications and see updates on-the-fly. Changes made in the UI are live the minute you hit save.

Integrate in Just Seconds!

1. Create Workflow with a simple to use UI

Workflow Graph

2. Embed code to execute the Workflow

const apikey = ‘YOUR API KEY’;
const client = filestack.init(apikey);
const options = {
  workflows: [‘4e6c1ef1-c1ca-44a9-8ba0-aa7bc1fabbce’]

3. You're Done!