Custom CNAME

Custom CNAME

Custom CNAME is a premium file upload feature that allows you to format Filestack URLs with a custom origin. Using the CNAME feature, you can replace the base Filestack domain with an fs subdomain on your own fully qualified domain name.

For example, when a user is looking to access a file, instead of seeing, they can see

The current path:

It turns into this:


The custom CNAME feature can be useful if you expose your Filestack URLs to customers or need all of your assets to be derived from the same origin. This feature also allows you to control file access by setting security policies in the cookies instead of in the URL paths. For example, in the case that the URL is shared, Filestack first verifies the cookie before serving the requested file.

If this feature is enabled, it requires that we add your domain to our managed wild-card SSL certificate in the Filestack CDN and that you add the required DNS records for each Filestack service you intend to use.

The custom CNAME works for delivery as well as for ingress traffic, such as when making requests to our API endpoints. For instance, you can configure the JavaScript API client to use your CNAME for all outgoing requests by setting the client’s cname option, as shown in the example below.

const options = { cname: '' };
const client = filestack.init('apikey', options);

Please contact sales for more information on how to set up a custom CNAME for your application.