What is Filestack?

What does Filestack do?

Whenever you need to manage files in your application, whether it’s web, mobile or a desktop environment, Filestack can help you provide amazing experiences to your users through various, carefully crafted UI integrations (like our File Picker or Tranformation UI. They are easy to implement and they are backed by Filestack’s powerful APIs that are simple to use and provide great flexibility to your Software Developers.

Filestack operates in three main areas of the modern software file management systems: Uploads, Transformations and Delivery (that includes performance optimization, responsiveness, etc.). For your business teams we can also provide insights into how your users use the system and what impact that has to your business objectives.

So, what is filestack, exactly? It’s the complete file management experience you can give to your customers and developers.


So you have to give your users ability to upload files in your application. To provide them with the best experience you can integrate Filestack’s File Picker that not only allows them to upload files from their local computer but it also integrates with the most popular social media networks, like Facebook or Instagram, commonly used storage solutions like Google Drive or Dropbox and stock image providers like Unsplash.

File Picker is extremely configuratble and customizable what gives your developers flexibility when they integrate it in your application. And it is very quick to start with - you can have production-ready file uploading functionality in less than an hour.

Filestack ships File Picker for Web (JavaScript, React, Angular) and natively for iOS and Android.

Under the hood, File Picker is utilizing powerfull Filestack API that is also available to your Developers through number of Open Source SDKs.

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For every file uploaded with Filestack, you will receive uniqe URL that you can use to display it in your application, download it or transform it using Filestack’s Processing API.

Filestack CDN is extremely fast and reliable Content Delivery Network, designed to give your users world class performance wherever they are.

With Filestack you can also deliver external URLs and files from your own Storage, without a need to re-upload those files.

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In most cases you will not want to present your users with the files uploaded as is. You might want to transform those files in a way that they conform with your application requrements. For example you might want to resize, rotate or enhance your images before displaying them to your users, or you might want to convert Office documents to PDF format before you show preview to your customers.

Filestack’s Processing Engine is very powerful system that allows developers to transform various types of files,including images, documents and videos. Additionally we provide insights into the contents of the files through our Intelligence System

With Filestack you can transform your files either in real time, by appending parameters to the URLs, or asynchronously using Workflows.

If you need to give your users ability to transform images, you can use Transformation UI to provide them with beautiful UI and and great experience manipulating their files.

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